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Owen Wiese

Owen J Wiese is a formally trained medical doctor and former television presenter. He is currently undergoing the path of chemical pathology. He started creating art as an answer to a never-ending conflict between his dreaming character and his analytical thinking.
He says: “I create art not for the fun of it, but because of the oxygen it provides to a starving creative brain. While art is part of our human fibre, we often ignore the fact that creating and interacting with creations are vital for survival in an ever-changing world. We tend to ignore (or are inherently “trained” to ignore) what is weaved into our very being. Creativity and expression are what makes us human. Ignoring the drive to create or express is what computers do. I refuse to believe that is what we strive for in life: to “create” a world driven by algorithms without the deeper feel of true connection”.

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