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Noemi Carpu

Noemi Carpu, a visionary Spanish artist, who has established herself in the vibrant city of Río de Janeiro, where she blends the essence of the Mediterranean with the vibrancy of Brazil in her unique artistic style. Carpu’s art explores the complexities of femininity and challenges traditional gender roles and definitions. She questions whether being a woman is universally defined or shaped by cultural diversity, urging us to reconsider societal expectations. Through her art, Carpu aims to liberate women from external definitions and encourage self-affirmation and personal identity. She also challenges gender norms and advocates for inclusion and dialogue about diverse gender identities, recognizing transgender women as women. A key aspect of her art is the connection with Mother Earth, symbolizing femininity, using natural materials to represent sensitivity and identity. By utilizing natural materials, Carpu adds authenticity, sensory richness, and a sense of calmness and beauty to her artworks. Her approach prioritizes simplicity and elegance, emphasizing the pure and romantic essence of the materials.

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