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Moisés Yagües

Moisés Yagües, a self-taught individual, works as an art teacher in Murcia while pursuing his own artistic endeavors. His artwork has been showcased in various cities worldwide, including New Mexico, China, Germany, Slovenia, Barcelona, and Madrid. With numerous accolades to his name, Yagües aims to portray his imaginative realm, inner thoughts, concise narratives, and peculiarities that defy common clichés. The shape of the head often recurs in his artistic symbolism, serving as a stimulating element that sparks numerous ideas. The head represents the abode of these small tales, brimming with hidden nooks and crannies where ideas, desires, and secrets reside. Yagües’ artworks carry multiple interpretations, and it is the viewer who imparts a distinct perspective that either enriches or diminishes the intended meaning based on their own assessment.

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