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Max Patté

Max Patté’s practice is, in essence, an exploration of the infinite qualities of light and how it expresses itself in the natural world that manifests itself in physical works in the studio using the technologies available to him. Advances in modern technologies are a constant source of inspiration for the production of Patté’s work. The latest advances in a range of software, iPad apps, CNC milling, digital scanning and 3D printing are employed daily in his studio.
Light, colour, tone, saturation and warmth have a direct effect on our moods, changing our emotions as much as our surroundings. Through the use of colour and light, Patté’s practice, which encompasses works of light, painting and sculpture, strives to emit the same effect. Patté aims to change the space in which the work is viewed and alter the viewer’s relationship to that space. In the same way that our immediate natural environment provokes a physiological change, Patté aims to produce works that offer a multi-sensory experience that provokes an emotional response.

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