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François Bonnel

FRENCH, 1968
François Bonnel is an abstract artist currently living and working in Toulouse, France. After 25 years as an advertiser, he dedicated himself to art and photography full-time in 2018. François Bonnel creates art in an improvised manner, exploring various techniques and media in his creative process. He often employs digital media, photography, and collage techniques. The passionate joy of art is evident in his work, where the straightforward simplicity of line, shape, and color dissolves the message and unleashes his passion for art in its purest form. His works are part of the permanent collections of the Harvard Art Museum, Louis Vuitton (New York), L’Oréal, and Longchamp.

For François Bonnel, "painting is pure pleasure; I do not paint to convey a message or philosophy, it's almost a selfish act." Inspired by his daily environment and the music he listens to, musicality is often integrated into his work, forming a unique personal pictorial language that expresses his emotional memories through elements of shape, color, line, and space. The empty geometric blocks in his works contrast with other blocks in vibrant colors. Delicate lines and blocks of color create a striking contrast, with soothing and positive emotions transformed through the interplay of colors and lines.

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